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West Texas Intermediate forward prices for 2018 are trading around $51 per barrel, up from $45 per barrel in June, a level hi -More

The US fuel supply shortages caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma could help bring fuel inventories in Organization for Econo -More- 

The refining outages caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma could result in as many as 43 million barrels of crude being added  -More- 

The crude oil left stranded due to refinery, pipeline and port closures in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is heading into stora -More- 

Floridians are bracing for fuel shortages as Hurricane Irma prepares to make landfall, with up to 600 gas stations in metropo -More- 

Hurricane Harvey’s impacts on energy infrastructure and drilling operations will hinder US oil producers’ ability to pump 10  -More- 

Oil refineries operated by Citgo Petroleum, Valero Energy and Flint Hills Resources and other pieces of infrastructure are co -More- 

The Colonial Pipeline suspended service on its main diesel and jet fuel line Wednesday evening and said it would also shut it -More- 

The shutdown of about 15% of US refining capacity in the wake of Hurricane Harvey demonstrates the nation’s vulnerability to  -More- 

Pioneer Natural Resources, ConocoPhillips, Marathon Oil and EOG Resources all put on hold drilling and completions activity i -More-