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Oil companies are using drones and robots to save money and reduce the risks involved with offshore drilling and exploration. –More– 

Oil majors including BP and Statoil are increasingly using smart devices such as drones and robotic crawlers to conduct offsh –More– 

BP says it will expand its crawler robot and drone inspection program in the US Gulf of Mexico and possibly to other regions. –More– 

The oil and natural gas industry is collecting more data to support exploration and production, but it has to focus on how to –More– 

Pipelines criss-cross the country, often in and near population centers, yet few breaches are revealed by advanced detection  –More– 

Major oil companies are upgrading their supercomputers, which can save the companies time and money on oil and natural gas ex –More– 

The use of advanced geosteering technology to adjust borehole positions during the drilling process can improve performance a –More– 

Companies in the oil and natural gas industry such as Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Eni and Baker Hughes are working with NVIDI –More– 

The use of automation, digitalization and data analytics will continue to grow in the oil and natural gas industry, executive –More– 

Patching is not a means for protecting critical infrastructure, Robert Lee of Dragos said in written testimony to the US Sena –More–