Technical Welding Inspection, Inc. or TWI as we are known has been in the Non-Destructive Testing business under the same ownership/management for over 25 years. Our company started in Calvert City, Kentucky in 1984.TWI originated as a 2-man operation, servicing our local industry. TWI has developed over the years a strong and committed relationship with chemical plants in the surrounding area we have grown as a company in part with the support and expertise of our relationship with the local engineers and personnel throughout these facilities.

Our growth as a company has been hugely related to our original investment in our region. We have made a concentrated attempt to grow slowly and deliberately. The fact is we do not typically reach out to new customers. Our existing customers have come to us and ask us to expand with them and represent them at sister sites, in part due to our professionalism and integrity they have witnessed over the years. Our technicians are typically hand raised and trained, and not fly by night inspectors with no relationship to our committed efforts. Even those technicians hired with previous certifications in our industry are trained additionally, related to TWI’s inspection practices and procedures.

Our management backgrounds are second to none in the industry we have over 100 yrs collectively, with diversity in nuclear, petro-chem. and fossil fuel industries. While we got our hard knock educations from companies such as Babcock & Wilcox, McDermott, MQS (Team Industrial) and Con-AM/Mistras.  We have tried to take the best of our experiences with those mentioned and highly recognized corporations, and build an independent company that demonstrates unique values, complemented by large corporate experience.

Our rural setting provides a unique circumstance here when compared to typical NDE companies which may reside closer to urban and more populated areas. Obviously our geographic location alone being so remote inhibits our competitions ability to provide competitive services such as NDE & mechanical integrity inspections.

Scott Smith Brian Snyder
President General Manager
AWS-CWI API 510# 22593
API 570-653