Non Destructive Testing…Quality Inspections…With Unmatched Integrity

We are the original inspection company related to our field in Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois Southern Indiana and West Tennessee, providing services for the local industry since 1984.

Our knowledge and long standing relationship of the local plants, their workforce, management and engineers have been realized over the years to develop the actual procedures and techniques each customer uses to keep them in compliance and operating safely.

As one of the few independent inspection labs left on the entire US market, we strive for continued success by helping to keep our regional plants safe and operating.

Our technicians know the ins and outs of the local plants, their piping, vessel and tank locations, orientations and historic inspections. We know where your control rooms and safety showers are, we know your operators by name.

These are invaluable assets to each established customer as progressive inspections come due. This understanding alone is a revenue producing vehicle to our customers which a dollar value cannot be put on.

TWI inspectors truly care about the conditions and safety at the plants we service, because they live right here, as opposed to a new company setting up shop or remotely managing and providing inspectors who have no ties to our rural location. Our children, parents, friends and family provide us an inherent motivation to keep these plants running safely.

Our services are available to you in any and all capacities. Inclusive of data management, consulting, or any of the mainstream NDE inspections we offer.